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indiana white dove release

And I said "Oh that I had wings like a dove I would fly away and be at rest"
Psalm 55:6

White doves can be released for your most memorable occasions; including weddings, funerals and memorials, birthdays, anniversaries, baby and bridal showers, Christenings, homecomings, sporting events, grand openings, festivals, outdoor concerts, veteran's ceremonies and parades, and all other special occasions. Celebrations of life, graduations and family reunions just to name a few.

Pure white "Rock Doves" (white homing pigeons)are used for all humane releases. Unlike domestic doves, pigeons possess a natural "homing" instinct. It is this instinct, augmented with extensive training that allows them to return safely to their loft following a release. Releasing domestic doves, such as those available at pet shops, is an extremely inhumane act. These birds possess no homing instinct or the flying ability to return home and will quickly starve or fall prey to predators.